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Edgecam is one of the most reliable computer-aided manufacturing systems (CAM) to date, convincingly winning the trust of various companies in both engineering design and manufacturing industries. From its sophisticated CAD/CAM software to its world-class support services, Edgecam is truly a superb choice for mill turn, production milling, and other machining applications.

With its state-of-the-art software systems, companies will be able to improve their production processes in no time. It has been regarded by many as the CAD/CAM software of choice because of its manufacturing software solutions such as milling and turning strategies, impeccable CAD integration, and advanced automation tools.


Customer Support Portal

For clients who have an account, you may login to access VERO Support Portal. Those who do not have an account but want to create one, may also click here. Upon entering the portal, you will be able to log your service support calls, download recent product releases, and resolve whatever licensing issues you may have.

User Forum

User Forum

For customers who have a login to the VERO Support Portal and want to share their knowledge with the Edgecam community.



Discover various training opportunities that would allow participants to better utilize Edgecam. Equip your staff with the proper knowledge necessary to make the most out of Edgecam and improve your company’s manufacturing process. There are courses on Edgecam version updates, as well as online training for basic and advanced milling, turning, and machining strategies.


System Requirements

Determine the minimum system requirements for Edgecam, as well as the ideal hardware specification for running Edgecam at its peak performance. You can also check out whether the Edgecam software is compatible with your company’s current hardware by referring to the list of recommended operating systems and processor speed.